Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're Off!

Even though we are still in the process of getting bids from contractors, Sam will be taking care of some projects on his own in an effort to keep costs reasonable. Tonight he is *carefully* removing the trim from the doorway in the wall that will be removed so we can reuse that trim around our future main floor bathroom door. I am (self-appointed) Quality Control Officer of this first project, which largely consists of me sitting on the couch with my laptop and remarking, "Wow, that was loud--did you break something?"
Sam will also be ripping up our horrible white tile floor. White tiles with three young boys and an art teacher husband means sweeping and mopping every day, at least. The rest of our house has wood floors, and we were hoping that underneath the kitchen tile would be the original wood flooring that we could simply refinish.

Well, a quick peek in the corner a week ago revealed a layer of metal grating, then a layer of linoleum, then a layer of sticky, black adhesive, under which lay wood floors. The word 'simply' went away when we saw the metal grating, and 'painfully, backbreakingly' took its place when we saw the adhesive.

Just now when Sam took off the trim and broke off a couple of pieces of tile (second picture), we saw--wood floors! No other layers. (cue heavenly singing) We'll find out where the other layers begin as we remove more tile, but hopefully it will only be a portion of the floor.

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