Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Has Begun

Alex and Kenyon finished up their Montessori school year on Friday, and we attended Alex's Moving Up ceremony to mark the end of his second year in primaries. He had dutifully learned the group song and was excited for the opportunity to perform it, as evidenced by these pictures.

He composed himself and sang very nicely. Afterwards we summer officially began with our evening at the Tates' house. The Tates are Jackson's godparents, and we also gave Jackson the middle name Tate in honor of Mr. Tate. Mr. Tate played four years of college basketball, stayed on for a fifth year so he could play college football, and was drafted to the NFL and played four years with Green Bay. He spent 20-odd years as a probation officer, and Sam met him when Mr. Tate was the security guard at the alternative school where Sam taught art. He is the quintessential host and full of wonderful wisdom; we adore him and his wife, Suzanne. Kenyon, who is definitely in a 'I want Mommy' stage, took to Tate in a heartbeat.

Sam is now a stay-at-home dad of three for the summer; wish him luck. :)

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  1. Everyone looks happy and healthy. It is definitely a great idea to have these fun pictures all in one place. Love the Halloween costumes.