Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gaylord Street Sweatshop

Child labor laws weren't the only thing broken today; we also tore up the tile floor in the kitchen. Lucky for us, we had the foresight years ago to have a couple of kids who are now old enough to wield crowbars and sledgehammers (shhhh, don't tell their Nana).

They loved being a part of the action, and I told them they will appreciate the beautiful hardwood floors in the future kitchen all the more as a result. Their future wives will certainly appreciate their penchant for tackling home improvement projects.

While Kenyon napped I worked as well, wearing my most expensive designer jeans for the job. I will spare myself ridicule by keeping the cost of these jeans to myself, but let's put it this way: I doubt there's many people out there who are engaged in any sort of manual labor wearing these things.

Jackson and Alex were paid for their work in the form of a well-earned homemade popsicle. And thanks to my trusty Vita-Mix, the boys were completely unaware that nestled amongst the berries and pineapple in the blender was the secret ingredient: spinach!

Kenyon didn't quite make our stringent age requirement to be able to do any of the heavy lifting, but he did participate by checking out the safety gear.

By Monday afternoon we should have a contractor finalized, an approved construction permit, and our cabinets ordered; things are starting to happen!

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  1. Elizabeth HollandJune 14, 2009 at 9:03 AM

    Can I hire your crew for late July? We should be closing on our money pit around the 10th and have months of renovation ahead of us. Fun, but exhausting. Can't wait to see how yours all turns out!