Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Sam has completely exposed the wall innards (that's the technical term), ready for the contractor to build the support walls to hold up our second story while the beam is installed. This is the view standing in our kitchen and looking into the dining room...

A hundred year old home always has its quirks, and this one still has plenty of the old knob and tube wiring.

While I think it looks really neat and I appreciate its historic nature, I'm also thankful that little by little our electrical wiring is moving out of the Victorian age. Antiques are fun; fire hazards less so.

I didn't mean for this to be a home improvement blog, but it has been dominating our life in recent weeks. Summer days this week have been filled with Sam taking the boys to swimming lessons at the pool, followed by lunch and more swimming. I get home from work by 3:30, and it's outside playing and hanging out with neighbors, which usually carries over into picnic dinners outside, and inside only for a quick bath, stories, and bedtime. I love summer. I did take a picture of each boy sleeping last night, mostly because Kenyon looked more like he was sunbathing on a chaise by the pool in Cancun than sleeping in his crib. Here are my sleeping beauties...

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  1. Autin sleeps just like Kenyon and it cracks me up...Who do these kids think they are?