Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Sam, being the morning person of this pairing, wakes up with Kenyon and one or both of the other children about 6 days a week. Last Sunday, I woke up with the boys and took them out to Buffalo Doughboy, our favorite local bakery, and selected Sam's favorite cherry turnovers and other goodies. We came home and nestled lovingly homemade cards and a new Flip HD digital video camera against the box of baked goods. When Sam came downstairs, we celebrated the wonderful father of this family. My father was on a plane that morning, so I left a voicemail message wishing him a happy Father's Day. Like I said, this was last Sunday. It wasn't until I called my brother and wished him a happy Father's Day that I learned that Father's Day was in fact this Sunday. Ahhhh, nothing like being on top of things, eh?

We spent the morning outside with the sprinkler going, our kids frolicking with the neighbor kids. Sam took the boys to the flea market and came back with 36 mangoes (50 cents apiece--a bargain!). This afternoon we'll meet some friends at the pool for a couple of hours, and then spend the evening dismantling the part of the kitchen that will be our future bathroom; framing is scheduled for sometime this week. Sounds like a good (second) Father's Day to me.

I feel so fortunate that my boys have a loving, involved, silly, sensitive, active father like Sam. Here are some pictures honoring Sam's journey of fatherhood...

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