Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hot Dates #1 and #2

My wonderful mom flew in from Arizona on Tuesday, literally at a moment's notice, to help keep me sane while I agonized over just a few of the thousand decisions that need to be made as we go through this remodel. Choosing which flavor of ice cream to get often paralyzes me, so after careful deliberation, I decided that Librans are not simply meant to remodel kitchens. Unfortunately for us, Sam and I are both Librans. My mom's help was much appreciated, and Sam and I even got out to our once-in-a-blue-moon movie (Hot Date #1). The documentary film 'Anvil' was fantastic; go see it at your local indie theater. Afterward, I did my good deed for the day by supporting a new ice cream shop in the area.

Hot Date #2, this evening, consisted of me holding a hair dryer to the tarry adhesive used to stick the linoleum onto the wood floors, softening it while Sam scraped off as much as he could.

We have many similar dates to look forward to, considering the amount we made it through tonight. I love Sam the most when we are doing home improvement projects, so it was actually a good time. And look--you can kind of see wood floors under that gunk!


  1. Hey,
    If you have more tarry adhesive to remove let me know. I've got a "heat gun" which is basically a construction grade hair dryer that might help.

    good luck!

  2. the blog is great Annie! It is wonderful seeing the progress of the kitchen since I left just 3 days ago! You guys are amazing! I can't say enought about the pictures of the boys...kepp them coming! Love, mom