Thursday, October 27, 2011


When I first met Meghan (who I've written about earlier here), she was the gorgeous girl sitting in my orientation for teaching summer school.  I was not a teacher, nor did I have plans to become one, but it was a pretty good summer gig to teach a half day during the summer while I figured out my law school plans.  And with Meghan teaching as well, it was a blast.  She was fun, carefree, and we spent many an afternoon sunning ourselves at the pool.

Some years later, Meghan fell in love with Barton, the cute PE teacher at her school.  How perfect is that?  English teacher marries the gym teacher.

Just three weeks after they were married, Meghan noticed a lump and her neck and was diagnosed with cancer--a rare form, called synovial cell sarcoma.  Barton has been a rock throughout this journey of supporting Meghan, and the grace with which Meghan has handled this diagnosis has been astounding.

Meghan wanted nothing more than to be a mother, and last October she welcomed three beautiful babies into the world.  Having triplets would be a daunting road in itself for anyone, but Meghan and Barton were remarkably calm and joyful with their babies, most notably just a couple of weeks ago as I shared in the celebration of their triplets' first birthday.

Meghan bravely battled the relentless cancer for five years but last night had an unexpected, fatal brain hemorrhage.  Doctors say she didn't experience any pain, that she basically just went to sleep, which at the moment offers me only a little bit of solace.

Right now I'm feeling so sorry for her one-year old triplets who will only hear stories about how wonderful and kind their mother was.  And for her husband, who has been robbed of the opportunity to share his life, and the joy of raising their children, with the woman he loves.

I know there are no guarantees in life, but this one really gets me.

The world just lost a really kindhearted, beautiful, fun person.  Fuck you very much, cancer.

Edited to add: An education fund has been set up for Meghan's triplets.  Anyone wishing to make a donation can mail to:
Barton Joule Triplets Fund
Horizons North Credit Union
11455 Pearl St.
Northglenn, CO 80233

Also, anyone wishing to follow the adorable triplets (Kesleigh, Preston, and Gavin) as they grow can keep an eye on


  1. Oh Annie! Wow.
    I don't even know what else to write.

    There's no good way to spin this. It's just not fair.

    Love you.

  2. Oh Annie!
    My heart breaks for you and Meghan's beautiful family.
    We'll be thinking of you all,

  3. That is so sad, I was following her blog and was so worried when there was no update for their first birthday....cancer certainly does suck and always seems to take the best...while other cancerous people continue to thrive here on earth. Will never understand it...

  4. Thank you Annie for this wonderful post and sharing it with me. It warms my broken heart. I'm so glad we got to meet at the triplets 1st Birthday (what a wonderful day). Thank you for attending her celebration of life service too. She was so loved & will be dearly missed. I keep waiting for her to call and ask when I'm coming to visit (and bring her a blizzard or such).
    Meghan's Mom, Mary Ann