Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Universe Smiled

Sometimes, there are moments or events in one’s life where everything comes together so harmoniously it's like you can actually see and feel the universe smiling upon you.  It doesn't happen very often, but maybe I'm just not in a place within myself to notice that smiling universe, either.  Regardless, the way Tuesday began gave me no clue as to what it had in store for me when I went to work that morning.

My boys’ Fall Break that happened to not coincide with the rest of the public school system (darn you and your flexible scheduling, public charter school!) kind of threw a wrench in, well, the fact that I have a JOB.  Granted, we should have planned ahead, but I figure my public school teacher husband would have the same days off as my public school children, right?  Ah, wrong, it turns out.

I was a little grumbly about heading home early to relieve the half-day babysitter I managed to scrape together at the last minute.  Alas, my grumbliness was not put to rest as I walked through the front door.  Somehow, in the 3 hours I was gone diligently earning a living, the boys managed to turn the house inside out.  It was as if a pack of rabid coyotes had been spent a week wrestling.  Indoors.  In every room in the house.  The Cat in the Hat story without the last-minute cleaning effort.  You get the picture, and any mom knows that draining feeling when fun mom needs to deal with a bunch of bullshit.

After barking quite a few cleaning orders and reprimands, we all tumbled outside into……… this.
  sept2011 083
My mood immediately lifted (honestly, how could someone possibly maintain a sour mood under that color of sky?  I think I actually see the universe smiling in that picture), the boys’ wily coyote selves were tempered, and we all basked in the glorious Colorado sunshine.  We brought out the regular wooden block set, the small wooden block set, the architectural wooden block set and the Magna-Tiles, and proceeded to spend the next 4 hours, no exaggeration, out in our front yard building and enjoying each other’s company.
Brothers collaborating…
sept2011 056
Solo efforts…
sept2011 063
sept2011 072
sept2011 074
This architectural set from Tuesday Morning Santa is awesome.  I had so much fun working with Alex, my little out-of-the-box thinker, to make some unique, avant garde buildings.
sept2011 077
The nice, orderly, symmetrical, ho-hum front of this building (below) is my design.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but Alex’s work in the back made the piece something I’d love to walk into.  You’d look at this building and know it couldn’t house lame cubicles and tired government workers; it’d have to have frolicking unicorns grazing on levitating dewy grassy meadows, or adorable dwarf baby hippos serving dark chocolate bars while swaying their rotund hips to Latin beats. 
sept2011 080
Sky’s the limit for you, Al Pal.  Sky’s the limit.
sept2011 079
Honestly, if someone had been conducting a scientific observation of our 4 hours of engaged, relaxing, truly enjoyable time together (WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN??  THREE BOYS GOING 4 HOURS WITH NO PURPOSEFUL FARTS, STICK-WIELDING, WRESTLING, OR BLOOD?) they would surely have come to the only rational conclusion--that we were an alien family, sent from a much more highly evolved, civilized planet.  We did have some nose-picking, but come on, it was damn near a miraculous event here, people.
sept2011 082

sept2011 085

sept2011 070

sept2011 075

sept2011 068
It was such a long stretch of peaceful, unstructured yet purposeful, and enjoyable activity, and even though we were all outside together, I had quality, individual time with each of my three favorite people in the world. 
sept2011 066

sept2011 060

sept2011 065
Who knew that a fall afternoon filled with blocks and boys would end up being one of the highlights of my life?  The universe surely smiled down upon me today, and I've done quite a bit of smiling up at it ever since.


  1. yikes...I probably wouldn't have gotten past the "inside house" thing without having a breakdown.But, my darling daughter...that is how we differed as mothers. Damn, I would have much preferred being like YOU. THE BEST MOM EVER!!!! What lucky little boys you have :)

  2. You really are the best mom ever! And a beautiful writer. Well, I'm inspired.

  3. Thanks, Shawna--'the best mom ever' comment coming from my mom is very sweet, but slightly biased. I hope you all are also enjoying this amazing fall weather!