Thursday, October 7, 2010

Membership Card Enclosed

I met Meghan many, many moons ago (read: when I was single), when we were both teaching summer school. Meghan was a fairly new teacher, and for some strange reason, the school district allowed hacks with a mere substitute teacher's license (read: me) to teach those children that needed a little extra help. Not a ringing endorsement for public schools here in mighty Colorado, but Meghan and I had a lot of fun rockin' middle school English for two summers in a row.

Fast forward ten years, and Meghan and I don't quite have the free time we had back then, to lounge at the pool and go out at night. I married Sam later that second summer, and immediately had Jackson...and Alex......and Kenyon. We don't live all that close to each other, either, so our friendship has basically been reduced to dinners after months of planning and the occasional housewarming party or child's birthday party.

Life does not always go quite as planned, and a few years ago, just a few short weeks after Meghan married a great guy, she found out she had cancer. A rare kind. Like, that two other people have.  Somehow I doubt that was something she dreamed about as she envisioned being a newlywed.  But I don't want to devote my time or energy writing about f*cking cancer tonight; tonight is for good thoughts only, because Meghan is preparing to meet her three (count 'em--three) babies tomorrow. I am so thrilled for her to be embarking on this huge, life-changing whirlwind that is motherhood.

Meghan, I wish you all the good in the world; I can't think of anyone more deserving.  I can't wait to hear all about the healthy arrivals of three beautiful beings tomorrow...


  1. I'm so excited for them and will put out good thoughts for her and those soon to be beautiful babies. This is one time you just have to believe in miracles. I wish her all the best and many years of happiness watching her children grow....AND GETTING LOTS OF HELP WITH THOSE BABIES!!!

  2. You are so awesome Annie...thanks for being such a great friend all these years.

  3. why does cancer have to be involved? again? doesn't it know it's not wanted here? I'm so sorry for Meghan and so thrilled for Meghan. Life can be so effed up.

  4. Kami, I know. Meghan ended up waiting one more week to make sure the babies' lungs were fully developed, and I happily report that two boys and a girl were born today and are doing great! :)