Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time For #3

On Mondays and Fridays I have Kenyon all to myself.  For the youngest of three kids, this time I have with him all to myself is so precious and I love it.  Monday was gorgeous and we lazed at the harbour beach, the first hour spent making drip castles.
When a wave did the castle in, Kenyon converted into a personal bath, and we spent the next hour enjoying it while waves would intermittently refill his pool.
Today, there was no chance of a beach day, as we were on day three of near-constant rain, vacillating between a breezy drizzle and a downpour.  After returning home from walking the older boys to school, we wrung ourselves out and did a suncatcher activity I had brought with us from Denver.

More importantly, we made hot cocoa and I taught Kenyon how to do a Tim Tam Slam.  Oh, glorious day! I never buy prepackaged cookies in the States--I prefer to bake my own, but Tim Tams are delicious (called 'biscuits' here, which makes them seem healthier, ha!) and I have been buying them far too frequently.

The Tim Tam Slam is extra delicious, and can be done with any hot beverage.  Here, Kenyon demonstrates his Tim Tam Slam technique using hot cocoa...

SO melty deliciously chocolatey GOOD.

**Note to Americans: Tim Tams are sold in the States at some Target stores under the Pepperidge Farm brand, and also at Cost Plus World Market marketed as Arnott's Original.

And to my friends in Colorado--with the supposed massive snow storm approaching, get thee to a Target or Cost Plus and stock up your provisions so you are well-equipped with some Tim Tam Slam supplies to ride out the storm!


  1. I love that even being in Australia you're thinking about your friends in the potential blizzard.

  2. Lucky girl to have a day with Kenyon

  3. That little "commercial" will put Tim Tams on the world market. They will sell millions. What a cutie...hmmmm..and he's MY grandchild!!! How lucky am I?