Sunday, February 19, 2012

Double Rainbow!

photo credit: Matt Scott, illustrious frisbee golfer and photographer
We saw this double rainbow from our balcony, which of course prompted a discussion and viewing of the infamous Double Rainbow video.  Sam and the boys had never seen it until now--if you haven't seen it before, grab some tissues and click below, because it's a must watch.

Whoa.  I'm emotionally exhausted.

My reaction to watching it was to question the guy's mental health; meanwhile, Sam was totally lit up and exclaimed that he wants to feel some more of THAT in his life.  How's that for a balanced partnership--Ha!

Here's wishing you all a double rainbow experience. :)


  1. I am apt to think more like you, Annie, but I so appreciate Sam's perspective! But yesterday John and I were hanging out in the sun, chilling on our balcony and we watched a man get out of his car and slowly walk along the ice, testing it, examine it, and seem utterly interested in it. John thought that he was a little old for that but I said we should have a little of that wonder left in us. Now, if he had broken out in tears and yelled "what does this mean?!?!" I would have been uncomfortable!

  2. I'm all for wonder--double rainbows, ice, sunsets, waves crashing on the shore, snow falling..all wondrous sights to behold. The Brian Andreas quote "She said she usually cries at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life is so short" really resonates with me. I tear up at Kindergarten insect presentations, so who am I to judge. Tearing up is different than openly sobbing, so I guess there is a trajectory of emotional response to beauty, and this guy was just too far down the line for me. Better than feeling nothing, thoughh, for sure...