Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wattamolla Beach

We heard of a possibility of seeing the sun on Sunday and optimistically ventured out to Royal National Park, the oldest national park in Australia and the second oldest in the world (after Yellowstone).  We're fortunate to live just a short drive south of the park, and after winding our way through lush, palm-filled greenery, we pulled into the Wattamolla Beach car park and saw this:

Now, we could have been very happy spending the day right there in the car park, exploring the expanse of rock and water and watching the water dragons skitter through the trickling pools.  And seeing the patches of blue in the skies growing larger by the minute, we were all psyched.

We tore the boys away from rock-hopping with the promise of the actual beach beckoning below and began the walk down the path.
see the water dragon towards the bottom?
Just a moment or two into the walk we caught a glimpse of this:

The name Wattamolla is an Aboriginal word for 'place near running water', and this area is a perfect congregation of the waterfall flowing into a lagoon, which then runs out to meet the ocean.

After taking the above picture I blinked, looked around for my family, and spotted them down at the water, already crossing where the lagoon runoff meets the sea.  I took a moment and was so thankful that the sky was now almost all blue with only mere wisps of white clouds.

Alex added the Wattamolla notch to his boogie boarding belt.

Sam and I had a moment to enjoy each other.

I played Kenyon's 'count to five and jump in the water' game, his 'count to eight and jump in the water game', his 'start from really far back and jump in the water' game, and his 'start really close and count to three and jump in the water' game.  Then Sam played; Sam didn't capture any pictures of me but imagine me jumping really high and athletic-like just like my husband (and while we're at it, imagine me as tan as my husband as well).

So much fun, and only the first part of our Sunday 'holy crap, it's finally sunny' adventure was over...


  1. So glad it has stopped raining.... These pics make me miss home - just a little - the beach looks great!

    1. Oh, it hasn't stopped raining....just a momentary reprieve. I miss home when you post pictures as well! :)

  2. Perrrdy! A stark contrast to the little snow storm we're about to get tomorrow. Wish I could come visit!!!!!

    1. I wish, too! The only thing Australia is missing is our favorite people from back home.

  3. Your family looks picture perfect and you look like a model in that picture with your handsome husband ��

  4. Watto was one of my childhood haunts, I'm loving these photos! (The hot husband doesn't hurt, either ;)

  5. We had a blast; we'll definitely be back (and I'll make sure to capture some more shirtless pics of the husband). :)