Friday, March 30, 2012

Murramarang Camping Weekend, Part 2

On Sunday (let's just call it The Big Day), I counted the minutes until opening time at Birdland Animal Park in the nearby town of Batemans Bay.  We had already been to a couple of other animal parks and zoos, but I knew this park would hold a very special place in my heart.

It was fun to see a koala awake and eating; the most strenuous activity I had them seen perform previously was a slow opening of the eyes and closing, much like the "exercise" classes I held during my short-lived first job out of college as an Activities Director at a nursing home.

This particularly fluffy kangaroo was the prettiest I had ever seen, and I had to restrain myself from giving him zerbits on his belly.

I bravely walked by the ostriches, an animal that has haunted me ever since my parents cruelly forced me into a van for a drive around Lion Country Safari in Florida.  I don't know if I truly remember 'the incident' or if I have recreated the image from my parents teasing me about it for 30 years, but a) they made me sit next to the window and b) a ostrich was on the loose, running alongside our van maneuvering its thin hairy neck attempting to get inside the van (read: eat me).  If anyone has ever wanted to film a horror movie about ostriches, I've got the screenplay written in my head.  According to the website, Lion Country Safari is "The Best Value Theme Park in Florida".  That's right, folks, forget about Disney World--step right up and scar your children for half the price than at other parks!

Luckily, I escaped the ostriches yet again.  One of the park staff brought out a python we could hold, and Jackson jumped at the chance; Alex declined.

I'm not a fan of snakes, a fact that was confirmed when I held one for the picture.  Kenyon didn't take his eyes of the snake's head the whole time it was near him.

I love this picture of our friends Kylie and Issy; the look on Issy's face was how I felt.

And then.

The moment had arrived.

When the park staff brought out Bubbles the Wombat to be held (to be held!!), I swear my eyes filled with tears, but I fought them back because I didn't want to be the crazy lady who cried at the animal park.  Bubbles' hefty, stout body was placed into my arms much like my own boys were the moment they were born.  And I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say that the amount of joy I felt was pretty darn close to those days as well.

The claws, the pointy-tipped ears, the whiskery nose? CUTE OVERLOAD.

I reluctantly handed her off so other people could experience the utter joy of a wombat snuggle.

I'm already planning my next visit (and snuggle) when my parents come to visit next month.


  1. Oh my god...i cannot wait!!!!!!

  2. Ahhhh wombats. I've never known one that wasn't stubborn, boneheaded and daft. That must be why I like them so much - I see myself in there ;)

    Peanut had a dream about wombats last night, she was teaching them to somersault, bless her.

    What, pray tell, is a zerbit??

  3. Me, too!

    Note to Accidental Housewife: A "zerbit" is when you press your lips to the belly of the baby/puppy/kangaroo/whatever and blow out making a "raspberry" sound, like playing a trumpet. Causes much merriment with a baby; not sure how a kangaroo would react!

  4. my kids would crap their pants if they could visit this place! you are so blessed to live where you do! i am in the middle of the united states in kansas ... not a lot to see here but being in the big city helps. thanks for coming by my blog! i've joined yours and will be showing my own 3 boys your pictures!

    1. Hi Kerrie--we're only here for a year (we're normally in Colorado, which is a great place in it's own right), so we're trying to soak up as much of the sights as we can. The boys are great companions and have been troopers to be so far away from home--camping is such a great way to experience a new place! :)