Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday--Beach Snapshots Through the Eyes of Instagram


  1. Annie-thanks for the comment. What a small world! Saturn Cafe is my fiance's favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz and we actually went to dinner there before we got re-engaged (not that we had broken up before, but that's the most succinct way I know how to describe it) at Steamers Lane! I hope you guys have a wonderful year here and an awesome adventure. Have you discovered yet? Great resource for how to make life a bit easier here and on days when you are homesick or just feeling put off by the differences in how Aus/Aussies do things, it's a great place to have a bitch to sympathetic ears. I've got you saved on my bookmarks bar now, too!

  2. I live in Indiana and these pictures made me miss the summer :(( But awesome photos!!! Happy WW!

    Lavonne @ *Our Wish*