Saturday, January 7, 2012

Culinary Adventure Series

As we try new and interesting foods here, I'll add to this new Culinary Adventure Series.  I know what you're thinking--Vegemite was not included in the Culinary Adventure Series.  I don't know yet whether it's worthy of any extra recognition, but I am pleased to report that I followed everyone's kind suggestions to spread it very very thin on buttered toast, and it is palatable that way.  I'm starting each day with Vegemite, so I'm building up a tolerance.

I haven't yet had time to leisurely browse the grocery store aisles yet, but on a quick trip to Woolworth (or 'Woolies', because Aussies have a knack for shortening any word, making it sound adorable) Jackson and I spotted it right there in the meat aisle--kangaroo steaks! Yep, sitting there in its plastic wrap all casual-like, as if it was just any normal steak that we Americans can buy back home.

Jackson and I eagerly bought kangaroo steaks along with our run-of-the-mill steak and devised a taste test event for the evening's dinner.

We are experiencing so many firsts here; I am certain that I've never before had the occasion to Google 'kangaroo steak marinade recipe'. Google never disappoints, and in a flash all the meat was coexisting and tenderizing nicely in a dish, awaiting its fate on the 'barbie' (see? I'm practicing!).

Kangaroo meat is produced only from free-ranging wild animals living on someone's land; no kangaroo are commercially-raised. The meat is extremely lean; it's essential not to overcook it. After just 3 minutes per side, I cut the kangaroo and ordinary steak into equal pieces and I led the guys in a blind taste test.

Can you tell the difference?  Kangaroo meat is on the right.
While everyone but Kenyon correctly identified the kangaroo, it was unanimously described as delicious; not gamey at all.  I look forward to many more culinary adventures to come...

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  1. Annie,
    I can see you taking this dish to the next level: Kangaroo Kabobs or even Kenyon Kangaroo Kabobs. I’ll be looking for the recipe on google search.