Saturday, August 7, 2010

Plantation 2010

Summer, why hast thou forsaken us?  Somehow I blinked and I now find myself in mid-August, wondering where the hell this season has gone.  I would be remiss if I did not capture some memorable summer experiences on this little blog o' mine by at least tossing together a hodge-podge summertime post, but some things simply demand a post of their own.  Nobody puts Plantation Tree Farm in the corner, so here are some pictorial highlights of our annual trek back to my heaven on earth for a long weekend of family camp at my father-in-law's 500-acre redwood tree forest in Sonoma County, CA.
hanging out at High Trees camp...
Pete shimmied up the tree to make a swing for the kids.  He also made a few adjustments to the tree to make the giraffe Thalia imagined come into clearer view...
the giraffe!
The kids loved balancing on the slack line Casey set up...
the boys found a scorpion
Al Pal
Martina and Casey and their girls road-tripped out from Colorado!
Kenyon and Lucia
the lovely outdoor woodburning stove-heated shower
side of the shower/washing station
John and Ama (and Moe) prepping breakfast
Martina, kiddos, and I out for a hike
heading down to Ed's house

visiting the horses in the pasture
Ed's chicken coop, inspired by the Russian folktake Baba Yaga
hanging out by the koi pond in Ed's garden
free range kids
free range kids, part 2
exploring Lake Oliver
who knew goats were so adorable?
we visited Plantation Farm Camp down the road and were able to help make a human chain to herd the sheep for shearing
shearing a sheep
There is no other place I'd rather spend time with family and friends, and I'm so glad the boys will grow up with these experiences indelibly printed in their psyche.

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