Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

My boys are currently playing on summer baseball teams, which for me basically means 3 hours of futilely attempting to shield my already sun-damaged skin from the oppressive bully known as Colorado sunshine.  At a mile high, we really are closer to it, and its presence does not go unnoticed, believe me.  I get to repeat this process three days later at the games.  I'm now rethinking this whole, give your child an appreciation for being outside, active, and healthy, parenting strategy--raising couch potatoes would certainly be easier on my skin!

This face is one sweet distraction from watching the boys' practices...

And this belly...I honestly have to resist the constant urge to squeeze his stout little body.

Anyway, we've all got baseball on the brain around here, and the universe smiled upon us when the Boston Red Sox (my mother's obsession) scheduled a few games against the Colorado Rockies.  My mother (a.k.a SuperNana) flew in for a couple days with the sole purpose of taking the two older boys to a game.  Kenyon scored some one-on-one time with us, a rarity when you're the youngest of three.  When you take one Red Sox game, one beloved Nana, staying up way past bedtime, and having access to hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, nachos--a virtual motherlode of foods that are not normally consumed in our household--you've got a recipe for two boys that are beside themselves with anticipation.
The Red Sox didn't win that night, but that's a detail that will fade away into lost memory as the boys grow older.  What will stick with them is the love they feel from their Nana, who doesn't mind sleeping in their bottom bunk, who takes the time to teach them and experience the joys of life with them.  Thanks, Mom, for being the SuperNana you are.


  1. To be perfectly honest, I had to sincerely resist the urge to squeeze his awesome little belly, too!

  2. Great picture of your mom and the boys! I am amazed at how much your oldest looks like Matt. Take care, Susan

  3. You're right, Susan. I do catch a glimpse of Matt in some of his facial expressions...

  4. Super Nana has Super Grandkids, which makes sleeping on bottom bunks, reading countless books over and over again, wrestling on the floor and making all their favorite foods MORE than worth it! Gee, that must mean they also have SUPER parents!!!

  5. I miss my mommy. Though she'd never take my boys to a Sox game (she's more Nutcracker) they adore her and adore visiting her in Miami. I hate living so far away. But you couldn't pay me to return to that Florida sunshine. Talk about havoc on your skin!