Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Boys, In Brief

More and more each day he doesn't look like a little kid; I'm amazed and heartbroken all at once.  I know the days that I am able to pick him up are numbered; his legs now brush near my ankles as his head, heavy with sleep, rests on my shoulder.

He is exploding with growth in every sense of the word.  I am enjoying him having this last year in Montessori school but am so thrilled with anticipation for what he will experience in next year's Kindergarten class at The Odyssey School.  His body is a spindly beansprout, obviously taking after his father.

He is now 19 months old, the same age Jackson was when he became a big brother.  His solid body definitely comes from my family, namely my father.  The eyebrows are mine for sure (sorry, sweetie!).  He relishes life with his brothers and doesn't have any problems with making his demands heard.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boys. You, my dear, are quite a lucky lady. And they - well, they are equally fortunate to have you to hold onto as they make their own ways.

  2. Mom, I told you, don't put me in pictures with a Red Sox shirt on. Phillies only please. - Alex