Friday, July 26, 2013

Hayfields and Water Towers and Corn, Oh My!

Our second road trip brings us eastbound, reportedly to Maine and back (although I may or may not have a one-way ticket booked to a top-secret location abroad just in case I start to lose my mind trapped in that Toyota Sienna with 5 males). Why the government doesn't offer all mothers of boys (who take in extra boys to boot) don't get monthly spa days is beyond me.

Heading east from the lovely state Colorado means the scenery is going to be, well, less scenic to be put bluntly. I didn't bother planning a camping stay for our first night, as I can imagine little worse than camping in virtually scenicless central Nebraska during tornado season with an unimpressed Australian teenager who hates camping and is petrified of tornadoes.

(Obligatory state line photo, sans Kenyon, who refused to participate)

Instead, we stopped at the water park in a grand Island to get our wiggles out...

...and stayed at the AmericInn in South Lincoln, which gets bonus points for the cutesy name and was nice enough but not memorable.

I love road trips, but the nutrition is often more lax than how we live in our normal lives (evidenced by some tongue colors that can only be produced by huge quantities of processed sugars and food dyes.

While this area of the world doesn't have the grandeur of Colorado, there was a calm, quaint beauty to the landscape that I enjoyed. Maybe because it was a nice contrast to the experience within the car? Ha!

These two are thick as thieves:

Kenyon has a hard time with goodbyes in general; he's not going to be very happy come July 31 when a certain someone boards a plane bound for Down Under.

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