Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water Abounds at Bear Lake

After the inhumanely dry landscape at Arches, the greenery that came into view as we headed into Idaho was a feast for the eyes.

(obligatory state border photo op)

We camped at Bear Lake State Park on the border of Utah and Idaho. Known as the Caribbean of the Rockies for its blue water, it didn't disappoint at first glance.

The campground was right at the water and was desolate but (luckily for Sam) for some reason I didn't have the imminent feeling that we were going to be murdered as I often do when we find ourselves the only family camping somewhere.

When I researched our road trip online, I was sold on camping here with the whole 'Caribbean of the Rockies' bit and the fact that this area is known for its 'world-famous' raspberry shakes. Pretty scenery and a tasty treat? Done and done. We managed to get a few shakes in us during our four-night stay.

Our days were spent adventuring around

building sand castles

reading stories

and listening to Riley obsess about wanting wi-fi. Ha!

We rented a big water trampoline one day at Rendezvous Beach, which sounds totally awesome except for the fact that the water was FREEZING. I mean, ice cube cold. So how is a girl that was raised in Miami supposed to swim through it to get out to the trampoline? I like my water like a bath, thankyouverymuch. Like any good racket, the beach rental also offered paddleboats, so we rented one of those to shuttle us back and forth. Crisis averted!

We had a couple windy nights and a threatened storm

but overall the weather was pretty perfect and it was a relaxing place to spend a few days.

This morning, with Riley's clothes safely Zip-locked (true story!), we were off to Jackson Hole, WY for a night in a hotel (wahoooooo for a shower and a real bed!) before heading back into the bush (i.e. Grand Tetons).

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