Monday, December 10, 2012

The Friends Make the Place

Over the course of the year, we have amassed countless pictures of the ocean, Australia's unique wildlife, and our family on hikes, swimming, camping and more.  But what has truly made this year memorable are the people we've met, who took the time to get to know us even though they knew we were only here temporarily.
Ocean, Jackson, Kenyon, Alex and Rhed
Bronwen and her brother, David
Riley and Kenyon
Alex, Biniam and Connor
Jackson, Preston and Yazan
Kenyon and Riley
Abby and Kenyon
They have opened up their homes...
Sal and Emily
Bronwen and Amelia

Kylie and handsome Jack
Leigh, Sal and Simon
Simon and Sam
Kenyon and Julian

Kenyon and Mika
Jessica and baby Felicity
Sam, Emily and Yeedah
me and Yeedah
Sal and Kenyon
Yeedah and Shelly
Riley and I
They have showed us some of the best parts of the area...
Yeedah at Pandora's Wine Room
Kenyon and Mika at Pod
Hall, Thomas, Harris and Tunheim families at the lighthouse
Rhed and Kenyon at the lighthouse
Kylie and Issy at Birdland Animal Park
me, Yeedah and Sal at His Boy Elroy
Simon in his studio
Issy, Josh, Xavier and Kylie with my best friend Bubbles the wombat
Alex, Jackson, Riley and Kenyon at Little Beach
Sam, Jackson and Ocean at Osborne Park
Jackson and Xavier at Depot Beach
David at Liz and Martin's in Mullumbimby
Kenyon and Riley at the rockpool
Victoria, Emily and I at His Boy Elroy
We had a warm, wonderful send-off, and I received the loveliest gift that I will always cherish.

I will miss all of you, too.  The Earth seems smaller now, and we'd love the opportunity to open our home to you in the coming years.

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  1. This last blog post made me cry Annie. What a beautiful time you have had with these exceptional people. I am so glad I am getting my beautiful daughter and her family back to the States, but I know you will miss these people so much.