Monday, October 22, 2012

Tidepools in Macro

So, I recently discovered the macro lens on my camera and was in love with viewing the world through a magnified lens.  If I had two wishes, I would shrink myself and live amongst the magical world where the rocks meet the sea (I'd happily donate the first wish towards curing childhood cancer).

My love for all things macro is now in a period of mourning, because I dropped our camera (while in its padded case) into the water for a millisecond at the close of our canoe trip.  Lightning fast reflexes prevented moisture from breaching the case, and it there wasn't a hard impact on the fall, but I'm still getting a lens error, dammit.  I keep powering it on in hopes there will be have been some camera faith healing due to sheer will, but no dice.

Coupled with the loss of my iphone due to a freakish wave on the beach soaking our belongings, I've had some serious pangs of withdrawal and Paul Simon's Kodachrome has been playing on a loop in my head as we go about our days here.  The mention of Instagram makes my eyes teary and my hands are shaky for the shutter button.

These are precious days, made more poignant by the boys growing right before my very eyes.  I've blinked and the pajamas that Jackson seemingly just wore are now Kenyon's.  I love the fact that Alex's almost 8-year old self is most comfortable sleeping in his green plaid Major Snoozers with his blanket and stuffed guinea pig, but it won't be long before they will all be a mere remnant of his boyhood.  Alex came to Australia with a mouth full of baby teeth but has lost six of them during the course of this year.  It goes by all too fast, this mothering of children, these years of family togetherness, and I want to soak it up while I can.  To have a record of Kenyon's hair before it's no longer a sun-kissed blond, his naked body wearing nothing but a blanket as a cape.  And of Alex's perfect sprinkling of freckles, and Jackson's strong boyish build.


I just sucked it up and purchased a new camera; a duplicate of the Canon Powershot Elph 300HS that we have been using.  It's no fancy SLR, but it works just fine for traveling.  Unfortunately, there is no instant gratification to be had in Australia for anywhere near a reasonable price.  I'll be hardly containing my excitement until it's delivered to my brother and then forwarded along to me.

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  1. Gosh your posts make me really long for the ocean. So much gorgeousness.