Sunday, July 22, 2012

Culinary Adventure Series: Custard Apple

We spotted a fruit at the grocery store today that we had never seen before in the States.  Have you heard of custard apple?  The vast quantities of fruit consumed in this household is already verging on the absurd, so one more can't hurt.  The outside appearance doesn't necessarily scream 'eat me, I'm delicious!'; we hoped the inside would be more promising.

I sliced it open, revealing a pear-colored fruit, with smallish almond-sized seeds found in different chambers.

It was fairly sweet and had a flavor reminiscent of mango, a fruit everyone in this family loves.  The custard apple family verdict?

Alex: "It wasn't very good."
Jackson: "It was weird, and yum."  (Australians say 'yum' instead of 'yummy')
Kenyon: "Bleh!" (he declined to swallow his portion)
Sam: "I like it!" (as he continued to polish off the rest of it)
Me: "I enjoyed trying it, but it isn't something I'd look for again."

Has anyone tried custard apple, and if so, do you just eat it straight up or do you have a favorite recipe?

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  1. Eat it straight up, but make sure it's properly ripe - it always reminded me of condensed milk.