Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review: The First Husband

I received an advance copy of a new book to read and review, and in full disclosure, I am being compensated to participate in this brief BlogHer Book Club review but my opinions about the book are mine and mine alone.

The First Husband captures what all of us experience as we make our way through our lives--how searching and decisions pull or lead us in one direction or another, and how sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between comfort and true happiness.  How sometimes it takes extreme discomfort to find who we really are and what we want out of life.  Author Laura Dave, in her third novel, explores these ideas through the main character, Annie Adams, who is a successful travel writer.

A travel writer is a covetous job for most people--is there anyone who wouldn't want to be paid to travel to the world's most exotic and interesting places?  I would leap at the opportunity to travel to the far reaches of our planet and experience a taste of life as a local (anyone looking to fund travelers exploring the world from a family perspective?  Email me!).

On paper, Annie has it all--great job, steady live-in boyfriend, cute dog...until the steady live-in part falls away unexpectedly one night after announcing he needs a break.  Cue the searching.

I don't require books with fast-paced action; I look for stories about the human condition.  Fantasy and time travel are not necessary; I find real life far more interesting.  The First Husband kept me interested in an easy-read sorta way, one that would be perfect while you're stealing an hour to yourself here and there on a summer vacation with your family.

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  1. Nice review! I would definitely like to read the book. And, yes I would also really (stress this again) really enjoy being a travel writer.