Monday, December 12, 2011

For Mom and Dad

One mere week from today, we will close the door to our home and we won't be back for a year. 

I don't think any Move Across the World For a Year Preparation would be possible without help from parents.  We were fortunate enough to have my parents come in for a last visit over the weekend--we had just seen them a couple of weeks ago for Thanksgiving, but my mom wanted to complete her mission of brainwashing of my children into getting on Skype every day squeeze in some more quality time with her grandsons.

In between reading stories and playing games with the kids, my parents were workhorses--Dad tightened the loose cabinet in the kitchen, fixed the shoddily-installed dishwasher so it doesn't fall forward each time you open it, replaced the faulty circuit in the electrical box, installed a circuit cover, and copied all the information from the desktop computer onto a thumb drive.  Whew.

We have a cleaning lady scheduled for the day after our departure, but Mom took care of some cleaning that she figured the cleaning lady wouldn't get to--she took down and washed each of the glass globes in the light fixtures, dusted wood blinds and tops of door trim, and completely readied the downstairs guest bedroom and bathroom.  She has a penchant for breaking things during cleaning frenzies, but I'm happy to report that I only heard the tinkling of shattering glass once all weekend.  I have no idea what broke, but it likely wasn't important anyway and I'm just so thankful for everything they did.

What better time to throw a birthday party for your child than 9 days before you move out of the country for a year?  We managed to pull off a simple pool party at the rec center with Alex's favorite friends; it was a great way to get together with friends outside of school and let him know that we think he's pretty awesome and want to celebrate his existence in the world.  On his actual birthday this Thursday, I'll make sure to prepare the yummiest stack of pancakes exactly how he has requested for his birthday dinner--with chopped kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and homemade whipped cream.  And of course, a candle on top so he can wish for something amazing.

With all the work my parents did, I was kind of in relax mode, and it wasn't until they left Sunday afternoon that I kicked into gear.  The playroom is now organized and inviting, the toys anxiously awaiting to be scattered by the two kiddos who will be living in the house.  Sam and I have made strides in preparing the closets and moving clothes that won't be taken down to the basement storeroom.

I sold Kenyon's toddler bed (thank you, trusty Craigslist).  He slept on the mattress on the floor last night, an experience he declared 'awesome'.  Just wait until we are camping amongst kangaroos, buddy...

It's really happening.  And even as an official, card-carrying, fully-grown adult with kids of my own, it's still awfully comforting to have to have the love and support of parents.  Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad--I can't wait to meet you at the Sydney airport and have you experience some of this adventure with us.


  1. I love you and already miss you all desperately. But most of all, i am so so proud how strong you are and how beautifully you have made all this happen for you and your family. I can't wait to be there with you all.
    P.s. it was a wine glass....another! :)

  2. Annie and Family, Have a fantastic adventure in Australia. I'll be following along through The Adventure of Annie and Her Boys. Wishing you safe travels.

  3. Thanks, Rich--I'm keeping the adorable photo of your son and the kangaroo in my mind as we survive these last crazy days of preparations.