Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Cold Day

Thanks to Denver's bipolar weather, I was running around my front yard in a tank top playing soccer with the boys on Sunday and huddled inside, watching the temperature gauge plummet to -20 through frosty windows on Tuesday.  We had a couple inches of snow, but school was still canceled because...well, I'm not quite sure--because it was so cold no one should be forced to change out of their jammies?  Or because we hadn't had a snow day yet this year?  Anyway, Sam stayed home with the boys and I went to work.

This is what happened when an art teacher is cooped up with three boys all day:
This particular art teacher is known for his hoarding careful selection of fun supplies to keep around.  Luckily, we just happened to have a bunch of cardboard, which the boys craftily turned into alien space ships, houses and scary tunnels.
Alex sealed the edges of his alien ship and attached special rocket blasters with a soldering iron masking tape.

When I got home, I helped them add some architectural elements; I believe Alex's ship transformed into a Craftsman home, while Kenyon's leaned more toward Gothic Revival.


For some reason, that picture of Kenyon (above) reminds me of the picture of John Kennedy, Jr. under his father's desk at the White House...

If I look too big for that house, it's because I am...I had to enter and exit through the roof.
It is now Wednesday, and every school district surrounding Denver Public Schools has opted to remain closed for another day.  Denver Public Schools, however, essentially called all the other districts a bunch wussies and forced their students to get back to school.

Luckily, we still have a large inventory of boxes down in the basement ready for transformation during the next snow day...


  1. Reminds me of the cushion forts my boys would make - they still remember doing that. Wish I could have been there - those houses need tiling! Love that you share these wonderful little boy stories with us... I just LOVE little boys!