Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Matt is officially in complete remission, which means his PET scan showed no evidence of disease.  Awesome.  It's what we hoped for at the start of all this of course, but to have it happen so early on in treatment feels great and is a huge relief.  The fact that his tumors were knocked out so quickly from ABVD's punches makes them much less likely to return.

While he was scheduled to have 12 treatments (6 rounds), he will most certainly be saying an early farewell to the comfy chemo chair.  The standard oncology formula is Complete Remission + 2 Rounds, to catch any little microscopic buggers hanging out that the PET scan couldn't find.

Not a bad way to start out a Tuesday morning.  Matt is having some ABVD for breakfast as I type, but I'd bet it's a lot easier to stomach with this news!

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